Green Roof Maintenance & Design

Green Roof Maintenance

Premier is your go-to partner for green roof maintenance. We recognize that a green roof is a valuable investment that has many benefits to both your building and the environment:

  • Improved outdoor aesthetics
  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Increased roof membrane longevity
  • Decreased storm water runoff
  • Reduced urban heat island effect
  • improved air quality
  • Increased biodiversity & wildlife habitat

Our year-round, comprehensive programs will keep your green roof system in optimum working condition and ensure plant health as well as structural integrity of your roof. We recognize that each roof is different, that each system is uniquely designed to meet the needs of your
tenants and building. Starting with a thorough inspection of the existing conditions and reviewing the history of the roof, we provide a custom maintenance and/or rehabilitation program for each roof with which we work.

Green Roof Design

If you are interested in installing a green roof, Premier Plantscapes offers a retro-fit, light-weight, modular system, Aqualok, featuring our unique soil less foam technology.

In addition to the benefits of a more traditional green roof system, this system has several added benefits:

  • It requires no additional drainage on the roof
  • It weighs a fraction of other systems
  • It can be installed in a short amount of time with no disturbance to your existing roof structure.

Aqualok panels provide an opportunity to make your existing roofing more environmentally sound. Our team is educated on the LEED accreditation process and can help you meet your green building goals.